“Without question, a major dramatic work of the 21st-century American theater.” — Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

From The New York Time’s Top Ten Best Theater of 2015 List:  “Perhaps no play this year inspired a greater sense of awe than Taylor Mac’s audacious dive into the dysfunctional-family playpen of American theater. This supremely talented performer and writer pushed that durable genre into a nearly surreal realm in his depiction of a semi-mad housewife (the sublime Kristine Nielsen) with a transgender son, another son reeling from three years in combat in Afghanistan, and a husband whose disabling stroke has rendered him nearly speechless — and at the mercy of a wife who takes a most peculiar form of revenge for years of abuse. (Mr. Mac’s two three-hour evenings exploring the history of popular song are also worthy of inclusion on this list; consider this a three-fer.)” — Charles Isherwood 

Paige:  Caucasian cisgender woman in her fifties.
Arnold:  Caucasian cisgender man in his fifties/early sixties
Isaac:  Caucasian cisgender man in his early twenties
Max:  Caucasian transgender man who identifies as trans-masculine and genderqueer.  17.
Hir was produced by Playwrights Horizons (Tim Sanford, Artistic Director; Leslie Marcus, Managing Director; Carol Fishman, General Manager) in New York City on November 20, 2015. The performance was directed by Niegel Smith with set design by David Zinn, costume design by Gabriel Berry, lighting design by Mike Inwood and sound design by Fitz Patton. The Production Stage Manager was Stephen Milosevich.

The cast was as follows:







Hir Premiered at The Magic Theater, San Francisco, Producing Artistic Director Loretto Greco, 2014.  “Hir” was developed at the Magic Theater and at New Dramatists as part of their Creativity Fund.

World Premiere Credits
Written by Taylor Mac
Directed by Niegel Smith
Performed by Nancy Opel, Jax Jackson, Mark Anderson Phillips, and Ben Eusrat.
Dramaturgy by Shirley Fischmen (with previous dramaturgical support from Nina Mankin)
Scenic design by Alexis Distler
Costumes by Christine Crook
Lighting by Mike Inwood
Sound by Sara Huddleston
Stage Management by Kevin Johnson
Production Assistant Chistina Hogan
“Hir” is part II of Mac’s Dionysia Festival: four plays that deal in some way with our cultural polarization, which will be premiered separately but, at some point, be performed in an all-day festival mirrored after the Greek Dionysia.