Live Patriot Acts: Patriots Gone Wiiiiild!

It took place during the Republican National Convention in New York and was a political vaudeville bringing together downtown subversives and spring break Americana. Audience members were allowed in for $5 if they wore Red, White, and Blue bathing suits. There was a tailgating community on stage: complete with lawn chairs, Old Glory beach towels, and Murray Hill cooking hot dogs on a George Foreman’s grill. There was puppetry, dance, music, spoken word, giant seditious documentary photographs, a follow-the-bouncing-boobs-dressed-up-like-the-Bush-twins sing-along, and almost enough nudity to counterbalance the Madison Square Garden power-tie bonanza in honor of George W., just up the street.  Subsequently the show has become a series with “Live Patriot Acts2: Alien Nation.” In ’07 performers where asked to create work addressing the US policy on immigration combined with space aliens and the show had a one-night mid-night showing at the HERE Arts Center.  More in the series to come.
Created, curated, and hosted by Taylor Mac with special guests Rinde Eckert, Julie Atlas Muz, Mike Albo, Fake Brain, Naked Puppets,The Dazzle Dancers, Dirty Martini, The World Famous *Bob*, Scotty the Blue Bunny, Brandon Olson, Tigger, Fritzi Collins, Helen Stratford, Lady Ace, Bradford Scobie (as Ukulele Louie), and Bitch providing their own divine madness material to the mish-mash.
Live Patriot Acts: Patriots Gone Wiiiild! was produced by Ethyl Crisp Productions and Performance Space 122 in participation with the Imagine Festival ’04.