Red Tide Blooming

In this musical celebration of freakhood, classic Mermaid Parade antics swim alongside a collective creative visualization of Armageddon in the murky waters of gentrification and cultural homogenization.
Written & directed by Taylor Mac

Performed by Taylor Mac, Bianca Leigh, James Tigger! Ferguson, Dirty Martini, Steven Menendez, Laryssa Hussiak, Stacey Karpen, Bridget Everett, Ruby Lynn Reyner, Suzi Takahashi, Layard Thompson, and Todd D’Amour

Puppeteer: Basil Twist
Choreographer: Julie Atlas Muz
Dramaturgy: Nina Mankin
Costumes: Steven Menendez
Scenic Design: Derrick Little
Lighting design: Garin Marschall
Produced by:¬†Ethyl Crisp Productions (now Nature’s Darlings, LLC)

Premiered at PS 122. Funded in part by the first Ethyl Eichelberger Commissioning Award from PS 122..