The Fre

“The Fre” tells the story of an intellectual aesthete who is trapped inside a mud pit, in the middle of a swamp, by the swamp’s fatuous inhabitants who call themselves, the Fre. The play is Taylor’s first All-Ages play. What that means specifically is ages 12 to adult see the entire play but ages 6 to 11 come to the theater earlier in the day, learn a very simple call and response song and even easier staging, enter the world of the play at a certain point (dressed like frogs) and act as the plays extras for roughly 20 minutes of the play. They then exit, have snacks and come back at the end of the play to play on the set. It is written in the form of Old Comedy.
A Map Grant recipient and partially developed at the 2013 Sundance Theater Lab, the play is a commission from the Children’s Theater Company (premiering there in the next year or two).  It received further development by The Children’s Theater Company and from The New Victory Lab in collaboration with CTC.
2 males in their 30s or early 40s
3 male teens
2 female teens
1 girl (age 10)
1 boy (age 10)
The play is the first part of Mac’s Dionysia Festival: four plays that deal in some way with the polarization of America, which will be premiered separately but at some point in the future be performed in an all-day festival mirrored after the Greek Dionysia.