“Normally, he’s a star. This weekend he was a solar system.”

– The New York Times

“Critical darling of the New York scene”

– New York Magazine

“Fabulousness can come in many forms, and Taylor Mac seems intent on assuming each and every one of them.”

– The New York Times

“Worried about the future of American theater? Look to Taylor Mac.”

– The San Francisco Chronicle

“Taylor Mac succeeds in building a progressive deconstruction of every preconception we may have in going to the theatre. It is a reminder of what performance is all about, and one of the best nights out this year.”

– The Source

“Taylor Mac is one of the most exciting theater artists of our time.”

– TimeOut NY

“Just as Mr. Mac is paying tribute in his work to the downtown greats of the 1970’s Theater of the Ridiculous, so will theater artists in this city’s future be building upon his theatrical contributions for years to come.”


“The commanding Mac is a genuine leader for our times.”

– Time Out Melbourne

“Taylor Mac seduces you, breaks your heart, patches it back up again and sews sequins along the scars.”

– The Irish Times

“Quite the most distinctive and brilliant performer I’ve witnessed in ages.”

– The Scotsman

“His humanity and spirit shine as brightly as his crocheted sequin trousers.”

– Sydney Morning Herald

On “A 24-Decade History Of Popular Music”

★★★★★”24-hour-long pop show is everything.”-The Guardian

“Taylor Mac’s 24-hour concert was one of the great experiences of my life”The New York Times 

★★★★★ “An unutterably brilliant masterwork”- The Sydney Morning Herald

“I had never felt more profoundly connected to a group of fellow audience members.-New York Magazine

“What I saw in that day was this: art has the power to synthesize reality and remake you anew.”-Performa

“In short, Mac is a theatre artist through and through—no aspect of the stage is alien to him.”- The New Yorker

“When you leave the theater, you feel ready to rebuild a more just and thoughtful society from the ruins.”- The San Francisco Chronicle

“A 24-Decade History of Popular Music is, like many things that spring from the mind of Taylor Mac, an absolute marvel.”- Culturebot

“Within this swirl of pleasure and entertainment, there is also something quite serious at stake, something that we might hazard to call the politics of historical knowledge.”- The Helix Queer Performance Network

★★★★★: “After Mac has picked over the bones of the lyrics, razzed them up with his own nuances of phrasing and across-octaves delivery and then swung off into pungent, hilariously barbed riffs on the 20th century legacy of racism, gender discrimination and bigotry that we need to discard, even Jingle Bells would sound political and you’d be asking: ‘Who’s doing the jingling?'”- Herald (Scotland) {read full article}

“Who is Taylor Mac? To answer this philosophical question, one must experience this polymorphous artist onstage. But it’s likely that those lucky enough to have been in attendance at Royce Hall will have different opinions on the matter.” – LA Times read full article

“Startlingly unique … a must-see for anyone who wants to see a fairer and kinder society.”- Huffington Post {read full article}

★★★★★: “Entertaining, funny, vocally great and thrilling, theatrical, smart and like all good things, takes you on a journey through all aspects of human life, it delivers a terrific night out with a classy performer.”- The Public Reviews {read full article}

On “Hir”

“Perhaps no play this year inspired a greater sense of awe than Taylor Mac’s audacious dive into the dysfunctional-family playpen of American theater.”
-The New York Times read in full

“A brilliant narrative stroke on Mac’s part… The ideas and questions proliferate and spawn others as the curtain comes down on Nielsen’s pained and profound performance, on Mac’s script, and on Smith’s direction, a trinity of beautifully youthful, experimental efforts that remind one of the freshness of the art they were all born out of so long ago.”-The New Yorker read in full

“Without question, a major dramatic work of the 21st-century American theater.” — Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune. Read in full and  Read in full.

★★★★★”Taylor Mac’s Hir proves the potential of theatre.”  The Guardian, Australia  Read in full

★★★★★“Hir is an unstoppable, overwhelming, genuinely exciting play. It’s a family story for the 21st century, a riot of ideas, a socio-political tragicomedy. It’s unmissable.” TimeOut Sydney   Read in full

“Hir challenges expectations on every level except that of providing engrossing entertainment, which it does to a remarkable degree.”- San Francisco Chronicle {read in full}

“Hir, which chafes at American dramatic tradition in exciting ways, is precisely the kind of work that should be put before the audiences, artists, leaders, and philanthropists who will be reshaping that tradition.”- HowlRound {read in full}

On “The Last Two People On Earth”

“The singular talents of Mandy Patinkin and Taylor Mac combine to delightful effect.” Charles Isherwood, NY Times {read in full}

“Can any show live up to these four creators’ collective accolades? Short answer: yes”- TheatreJones {read in full}

On “The Walk Across America”

“With this new play, a sweet and satiric meditation on the beautiful folly of idealism, Mac establishes himself as a writer and artist of serious consequence.”- Charles Isherwood, The New York Times {read in full}

“If Ellen Stewart’s era has ended, no sweeter sign could be found of its readiness to begin again.”- Michael Feingold, The Village Voice {read in full}

“The diaristic script results in a defiantly un-PC, sexually devious, surprisingly moving and funny show.”- The Financial Times {read in full}


On “The Lily’s Revenge”

★★★★★: “In its bravery, scope, creativity, extremity and sheer generosity of spirit, The Lily’s Revenge, to my mind, surpasses any American theater in New York this year.”- Adam Feldman, TimeOut NY {read full article}

“One of the most wonder-filled, exciting and happy nights I have ever had in a theater.”- Tom Murrin, Paper Magazine {read full article}

“A visionary ode to creativity itself.”- NY Metro Mix

“Inspires hyperbolic pronouncements like ‘the most important event of the theater season’ or ‘the essential must-see event of the year’.”- Martin Denton, {read full article}

“The Lily’s Revenge cannot be missed … nothing short of a dream.”- NOLA Defender {read full article}

On “The Young Ladies of”

“Mac attacks the familiar with such brash originality that the show dazzles. He creates a sublime tapestry.”- The New York Times {read full article

★★★★★: “Stunning”

– TimeOut NY {read full article}

“Taylor Mac’s deeply inspiring ‘Young Ladies Of’ is a beautiful play.”- New York Press {read full article}

“Striking, charismatic and quite provocative”- TimeOut Chicago


On “Comparison is Violence”

★★★★★: “With scattershot brilliance Mac uses his many talents to get us to think and feel. The effect is heartening, vital and liberating and close to being a cultural manifesto.”- London Times

★★★★★: “A shiny-spangled, radical talent who can drolly drawl ‘I think – therefore I glam,’ and then proceed to illuminate cunningly assorted spooky, problematic and ridiculous aspects of modern life by virtue of his mordantly witty drag personna.”- Herald UK {read full article}

On “The Be(a)st of Taylor Mac”

“An intellectually arduous and beautifully realized piece about the dangers of homogeneity, and what happens to the soul when it forgoes the richness of the imagination.”- Hilton Als, The New Yorker {read full article}

“You marvel at how assured and in control this brash, genial performer is.”- The New York Times {read full article}

“The Be(a)st of Taylor Mac compels the audience to take the experience beyond the theatre and into the personal – some of the best live performance I have experienced in years.”- Australian Stage {read full article}

“An unflinching witness to a host of societies ills…linked together by a gentle impassioned humanity and a wry humor that can have you helpless with laughter, then overcome by an urge to weep — and ultimately left thinking and wanting to make life better.”- Herald UK


On “Okay”

“Mac’s spectacular text pour out of hairsprayed teens without a single false note.”- Helen Shaw, TimeOut NY


On “Red Tide Blooming”

“If you’re in search and/or in need of authentically edgy, exhilarating, and fearless musical theatre that can liberate the form from hidebound traditions and make it dangerous and relevant, then Taylor Mac’s extraordinary new extravaganza Red Tide Blooming is the show you’ve been waiting for.”- Martin Denton,


On “Live Patriot Acts”

“If you weren’t there, you missed one of the most fantabulous events of the Imagine04 festival. Taylor Mac put together an amazing evening.”- Culturebot

“A flashy and brash show. It was an evening full of pleasure, full of letting-off-steam, full of giving voice to solid, strong artists in times where artists feel perhaps most presciently the dangerous turn our country has taken”


On “Cardiact Arrest of Venus on A Half-Clam”

“An act that clearly has cult potential.”- Charles McNulty, The Village Voice

“Mac blew away the full-house crowd with his servings of songs and monologues that were by turns (and sometimes all at once) filthy, hilarious, heartfelt, sentimental, raw, and genuinely moving. Mac attacks it all with smarts, style, and a stark-raving fabulousness.”- Next Magazine

“You may be wondering why Culturebot is listing Taylor Mac’s show again, frankly he’s just that damn good.”- Culturebot


On “The Face Of Liberalism”

“Mac’s histrionic physical display (screaming orange hair; a high, precise, rapid-fire vocal delivery) can only be matched by the savage incisiveness of his texts and songs”-Philadelphia City Paper

“Don’t Miss This Show. Taylor is a force, a voice, and a fabulously political pleasure.”- HX Magazine

“If you’ve never seen Taylor Mac before you are missing out.”- Culturebot


On “The Hot Month”

“A play that addresses the weighty issues of time and love with an ardent and humorous eye. An uncommon and thought-provoking production.”- Flavorpill


On “Good Person of Szechwan”

“One of the contemporary theatre’s more unforgettable performances.”- Hilton Als, The New Yorker {read full article}

“I don’t see how anyone could ever have been as powerful in the part.”- New York Magazine {read full article}

“The staggeringly charismatic Taylor Mac gives a virtuosic star turn as the gold-hearted whore Shen Te (and her cruel male alter ego, Shui Ta).”- Adam Feldman, TimeOut NY {read full article}


On “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

“Mac provides the most continual pleasure as a bearded, bright-eyed and charmingly subversive Puck.”- Charles Isherwood, The New York Times {read full article}